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Ep 382: Dream State


“My big brain makes up for my little penis.”

My brain is mush. Much to my dismay, I trained at lunch to fight in this game. Between my fits of rage and constant reminders of what you could have been, another haunted insider. Here’s a tip for you, run. Don’t look back, just run. Don’t think, just run. You keep on the move to stay ahead of the game, but between me and you, you don’t look like you’ve played. Sure, looks will always deceive, and books have pages you can always turn to read. Now it’s my turn to bleed because your face is red and I’ve always kept your heart close to my bed. Enough said because you’ve said enough without saying a word now I’m lost in the rough. But I found a diamond trapped inside, the saddest looking smile I’ve ever seen in my life.

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