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Ep 405: Engagement


“It’s kinda hard to talk and say will you marry me into a microphone when you’re on your knee.”

And then there were none… Well, of course we’re still here, but the last guest left, so life slowly goes back to normal. Between the rap show, Hot Springs, and the Jamhole 404 show, I really think we changed some lives. Hey, you’re welcome. That’s what we’re here for. It never occurred to me until MDS mentioned it, but we are slowly becoming quite the entertainers. I’m really starting to feel at home up on the rap stage, actually remembering my lyrics, and grooving with the crowd the way a rapper should. The bad thing is, I fucking love doing it. Why is that bad? Because the pay is shit. You know we keep this show, and our lives going by slaving our days away working normal jobs. Could you even begin to fucking imagine how amazing this show, and our rap would be if we could spend more time on it? I do, each and every day I get up at 7:30 am to go to work. The funny thing is, that even with having a day job, we’re just barely making it. I should feel bad about that, but when I take a look around the valley, and see that everyone else is doing the same, I feel much better about it. So again, thank you to everyone that came out and made the Jamhole 404 party week so fucking awesome. I can’t wait to do it next year. We will change the date so the weather is more agreeable for everyone. Keep on listening and interacting, and we’ll keep on doing free shows and making rap music for you to enjoy.

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