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Ep 129: Practice Date


“What don’t you know, what was the last episode you listened to?”

Hello and welcome to episode 129 of the made in Montana locally owned and operated Jamhole comedy podcast.  In tonight’s episode we have Ben back in the studio to allow him rebuttal for all the nasty things Marcus said to him on episode 127: The Other Side.  So we talk about this girl Mat met, then we talk about Ben having a seriously hard time finding a job.  Then we talk about getting jobs in general in this day and age, and finally get to Ben’s side of the problem.  I think we start to dissect Ben’s humor.  Your not gonna wanna miss that.  After that we do some confessions, then we do some news.  News stories might be: Getting laid in grade school, Its not a tumor, its my brother, bagging up hookers, and taking the piss… Literally.  BAAAAZING!!! Cmon, I got mad jokes up in this podcast beeyotch, join us on two hour mantastic episode of The Jamhole.

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