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Ep 130: Sound It Out


“That was kindergarten when we learned that you fucking retards!”

Hello and welcome to episode 130 of the made in Montana locally owned and operated Jamhole comedy podcast.  Thank you all for checking out the friday show. On tonights show, Mat and Ben conquer such important issues as post office lines, old people buying stamps, more about the girl and office party, budget cuts and depression, which eventually of course leads into how we are all basically fucked.  After that we do some confessions then we do some news.  Heres the news links: Getting it all wrong with a 12 year old, it bit my eye, going public with your sins, and of course we check back in with the duggars, who have of coursed had their 18th fucking child.  Can someone please stop this madness?  Like seriously, this really seriously absolutely has to stop.  Thats all. Welcome to an episode full of Ben reading like a retard, and some good wholesome live better lives speak. This is sound it out.

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