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Ep 312: Aim For the Tub


“The boy has to walk on his own.”

I don’t understand why the city here is having such a problem with the whole medical marijuana dispensary thing. They went ahead and imposed a 90 day moratorium on any medical marijuana dispensaries in Kalispell that might want to open their doors for business. One of the main arguments is against a dispensary opening up right by woodland park in the old Kay Bridal shop. The mayor of Kalispell, Tammi Fisher, says she thinks the Woodland Park location is a horrible location for a dispensary. So what you are saying mayor, is that having a medical marijuana dispensary by a park where children play is a horrible thing, yet right next store to the dispensary is a bar, and that’s just fine? That sounds good (sarcasm), lets lead by example and show our kids that alcohol, a drug that is legal, yet kills around 75,000 people a year and causes countless health problems is just fine, yet a plant that was made illegal for ridiculous reasons in the first place, that doesn’t have any deaths or adverse health affects attributed to it, is a bad thing? You are out of your fucking mind. You should be so lucky to have something like this bringing in jobs and supplying good weed to people that need it. The people have spoken, and the only reason you have imposed this moratorium, which embarrassedly passed 8 to 1 by the way, is so you can figure out how to get your grubby hands on some of that money they will bring in. How many ways can your little city council gang find to fuck us in the ass with no lube in the next 90 days? Why don’t you put a moratorium on opening up more churches? I think we’re well over our per capita quota for churches. I would like to say a huge thanks to Councilman Bob Hafferman who actually stood up for the rights of the people here in the city, and cast his vote saying, “I find nothing that mentions a medical marijuana business is violating any existing laws, I’m opposed to any action when a business is in violation of no laws.” Well said sir. The only violation I see here is the city, making it even harder for people to start up a new business, that’s trying to breath some life into a long dead economy. Let’s go ahead and keep on prescribing drugs that are more addictive than nicotine, creating junkies out of people who got hurt somehow, but let’s keep a lid on anyone trying to smoke some harmless weed to ease their pain and stimulate their appetite. All eight of you who voted for this moratorium should be ashamed of yourselves.

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