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Ep 324: Jerk-Off Mountain


“This conversation is over.”

So I’m searching around bing for the phrase “kalispell podcast” or “montana podcast” just to see who else is podcasting up in these parts. Plus I’ve never used bing before, so I wanted to see what Microsoft’s great answer to Google was. I don’t care for it, and I probably won’t ever use it again, but that’s besides the point. In the results it returned, was a video podcast made by the old Christian school I went to. Apparently the new cool thing to do for churches to be hip is recording their sermons and posting them as audio or video for people to subscribe to. You know, in case you want to be bored to tears and lied to the other six days left in your week. So of course I have to hear it so I can see what they are preaching now a days and how the quality is, and let me tell you something… God fucking awful. There was a horrendous feedback loop buzz in the background that was making my cat try to kill herself, and whoever was operating the camera had a little trouble following the pastor as he moved about the stage. The pastor should probably learn how to read a little better before he tries to read out of the bible in front of a sell out crowd of upper middle class god snobs. You would think god could step in once a week and help this poor guy out, maybe hook it up with the Rosetta Stone or something. I was embarrassed for this guy, and I’ve never met him or heard of him in my life. So he’s preaching the same old tired shit about how we’re all full of sin and god sent Jesus to die on the cross for that sin, so that we can live forever with god and jesus, and probably the holy ghost and a bunch of fucking angels and shit, in this perfect fairytale kingdom somewhere up in the sky.

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