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Ep 336: Sex Toy


“They should be testing on monkeys not sheep.”

I think I’ve finally figured out what the problem is with the local hip hop scene. Perhaps some of you who follow our show may have already figured this out, but after going to the open mic at the Dragon’s Den last night after the podcast, I think I’ve figured out the problem. The difference between the Dragon’s Den crowd and the Grizzly Jacks crowd is very simple. It all comes down to age. At the den, it is an all ages show, at Jacks, it’s 21 and over. So, like I said, we went down there after the show last night, and caught the tail end of what was going on (which wasn’t a whole lot), and you could tell just by looking at how the kids dress and carry themselves, what the problem is. These kids have no image of their own. Their whole persona is a carbon copy replica of every single no talent rap group you’ve ever seen on Mtv since it’s inception way back when. This goes back to the whole “It’s not what you say, but how you say it” theory. I don’t blame the kids, not completely at least. I blame their parents a little for not being there during the more formative years of their little self anointed “G” children. It’s a mixture of living here in the Flathead Valley, not being exposed to “real” hip hop music and performers, and a need to feel accepted by the people they hang out with. This feeds on itself over and over until it gives birth to these young blood thug wanna be’s. Once that happens, it’s usually too late. It gets reflected in the way they dress and present themselves, in the music they create and listen to, and in the people they associate with.

I honestly believe they are making music because they think it will make them more popular and rich. After listening to their music, I believe they really don’t have anything worthwhile to say, they are simply in it for the perks. What those perks might be, are beyond me. I can’t speak for my crew, but personally, I’m rapping and making music because I love doing it, and if somewhere down the line that ends up paying my bills, then all the better, but if not, then I’m still doing something I love to do. I guess if I had to say anything to kids that may be falling down the pit of despair that is the “gangsta” rap game, it would be this: Stop it! Be yourself, stop mimicking this tired old song and dance that you see on tv, be original, and if you have to diss someone just to make a song, then perhaps that song is better left not being made. Pull your heads out of your asses, pull your fucking pants up, stop wearing gang colors and look in the fucking mirror once in a while. Do you see that scared white kid in a silly clown getup looking back at you? That’s who you really are. So please, for the sake of the local rap game, and yourselves, do something creative and worthwhile that helps move the game forward, and if you can’t do that, then do everyone a favor and do something else. I hear skull church is always accepting applications for christian rap groups…

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