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Ep 337: The Jesus Penis


“Bag her, then tag her, so I don’t have to shag her.”

Great drive, even better weather, a couple of time zones later and here we are, in the beautiful Spokane Valley. I keep thinking back to the picture of kitty in the back seat of the car, freaked the fuck out about where we might be going. We haven’t spoken since, and last I heard she had earned the nickname “Bad Kitty” from the toddler twins where she is staying. My friend got the claws as well, so he had to trap her in a box and slide her out of the boys’ room. We should have just brought her with. Maybe the other cats here could have taught her how to fetch. Anyways the show is tomorrow (Awaken), if you are in the area, come check it out. Not only will we be rapping, there’s like eight other rooms with all sorts of crazy cool music playing. It’s at Paintball Assault, 4103 East Mission Ave.

I really enjoy it when we leave the Flathead Valley for a few days, then check out what news has been going around lately. There was a fun little headline in my news reader that states, “Kalispell homicide tied to medical marijuana uncertainty.” Really? So check this out, if a person is caught stealing someone’s brand new plasma tv, and the theif kills the owner, do we say it was because of the plasma tv? If that person didn’t have a plasma tv in his house, he might still be alive today. Of course not, that’s completely absurd. When people rob liquor stores for beer and smokes, do we blame the beer and the smokes? Or do we blame the person doing the deed? Of course we blame the person. People do stupid retarded shit all the time, sometimes they have motive, sometimes it’s completely random. That’s the beauty of free will.
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