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Ep 341: True G Shit


“Can you feel your dick in her stomach when you’re fucking her?”

I think some of the countries we share this planet with seriously need to make some changes before they can expect anyone to take them seriously. I mean fuck guys, just from the two plus years of doing this show, we’ve come across some pretty outrageous ridiculous shit that some of these “societies” participate in. Arresting goats because they thought the goat was a shape shifter, worshiping retarded mutated infants like they are a god, making women cover up their finer body parts, making marijuana illegal but alcohol legal, allowing churches to operate on a tax free basis, blaming earthquakes on meditating too hard or on women who dress a little more revealing than covering themselves with a fucking bed sheet, believing that eating fresh albino body parts is the cure for aids, and the list goes on. Granted, our country, the United States, is guilty of pulling our own style of retarded shenanigans, but I like to think that is the fault of those before us for allowing such idiotic practices to survive for so long. I mean take a long hard look at the state of things today. Not doing so hot are we? I mean granted, some of us are doing ok, but as a whole, we are seriously fucking up some big time shit. I think there needs to be at least a decade span of time, where foreign policy gets dissolved and each country focuses it’s resources within, fixing the immediate problems we face on our own soil, before anyone can be expected to fix everyone else’s problems. I believe that if we do that, get all of our individual countries to a self sufficient state where we are living in a somewhat homeostasis with the resources we have at hand, we will be in a much better position to help out on a more global level. But fuck dudes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if we keep going the way we are going, we are going to collide head first with a major wake up call, and I promise, it isn’t going to be the least bit pleasant for any of those involved. Including us… So please, wake up, and let’s try to fix this huge mess of shit those before us have so kindly blindly created and left us with. That way we can leave a habitable planet for future generations to come.

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