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Ep 352: Sanitary Napkin


“There is no now here.”

For someone who hasn’t owned a television set top box in the better part of a decade, I still enjoy watching the shows that air over the cable waves. I prefer to ingest my visual entertainment in as much of an ad free environment as possible. I find the advertisements, if given enough time, start to condition ones mind in a negative way. I don’t like anything created by another person for the goal of influencing my mind in any way, shape or form. Of course, living in the modernized, globally networked meta connected world we live in today, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid. Because of this, I find it very important to take control and make changes before they get a chance to, whenever possible. So two of the shows I have been watching for a while have come to an end. I consider myself a fan or at the very least, a viewer of the following shows that have been on lately. This is not a paid for plug by any means, it is simply fact. 24, Lost, Heroes, CSI Vegas, The Tudors, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, South Park, Weeds, Aqua Teen, American Dad, Stargate Universe, The Boondocks, Dexter, Mad Men, Little Britain, Metalocalypse, Sanctuary, Tim and Eric, True Blood, and The Venture Bros. Holy fuck, looking at this list, I’m blown away I have enough time to keep up with all of these shows. Then again, in this modernized world we have helped create for ourselves, we have amazing utilities that allow viewing whenever I want. Anyways, like I was saying, two of the shows I have been watching have now come to an end. Lost ended after six seasons, and you can hear my thoughts on this episode of the Jamhole. I think I said everything that needed to be said about Lost. On the other hand, I would like to mention a couple things about 24.

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