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Ep 356: Get Depressed


“This is the longest I’ve been with somebody and not felt like cheating on them.”

I’m very tired today, and I’ve been writing quite a bit for show notes the last few episodes, so I’m going to chill and let our slower readers catch up. Plus, I’m tired as fuck and I gotta do some hip hop tonight up at Grizzly Jacks. By the way, for my own curiosity, how many of you read the show notes cover to cover? I’m just curious. I see that we get really good traffic to the site, but out of all the people going to the site, how many of you are actually reading the show notes? Do me a favor, and if you read the notes at least once a week, send me a quick email to info@thejamhole.com that just says something like: Yes, I read the notes. That’s all. Just something to satisfy my curiosity. Thank you for being so awesome.

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