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Ep 373: Learning Experience


“I wouldn’t work with you if I thought you sucked.”

Could this whole BP oil disaster reach a tipping point and cause a doomsday like mass extinction event? According to this article, it sure as shit can. Apparently some scientists are comparing the methane gas escaping in the gulf to way back in the day, approximately 251 million years ago. Back then, there was another large undersea methane bubble that caused massive explosions,¬†poisoned¬†the atmosphere, and caused the destruction of more than 96% of all life on earth. This was called the Permian extinction event. Don’t believe me? Google that shit. Experts agree the Permian extinction event was the single greatest mass extinction in the planet’s history. Then, 55 million years later another methane bubble ruptured causing more mass extinctions during the late Paleocene Thermal Maximum. According to scientists, those subterranean seas of methane virtually reshaped the planet when they explosively blew from deep beneath the waters of what is today called the Gulf of Mexico. Now, scientists are worried that the same series of catastrophic events that led to worldwide death back then may be happening again. Thanks BP! Apparently the Deep Horizon drilling operation may have triggered an irreversible cascading geological Apocalypse that will culminate with the first mass extinction of life on Earth in many millions of years. I for one am super excited. Either way, we’ll try to keep on keeping on. After all, if most of life on Earth gets destroyed, and it’s BP’s fault, someone is going to need to be there to point the finger at them. I’ve got my finger ready. BP, I’m looking at you. Can anyone say Karma? You really need to read the whole article, what I touched on here is just a small part of the problems they are having, and are going to have in the Gulf. Now would probably be a good time to move as far away from there as you possibly can. Then again, if this thing happens on a global level, we won’t be safe no matter where we go. So, I wish you all the best of luck, and keep on listening. Remember, I put up the new songs I’ve gotten finished at thejamhole.com/music. I was listening back to them today, and damn, I write some pretty cool shit, if I do say so myself… and I do.

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