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Ep 414: Still Alive


“You’re a sensitive little mushy thing.”

So, I’ve been 30 years old now for roughly three days, and I have to say, that as of right now, Danni was absolutely right. I feel exactly like I felt when I turned 29, which is exactly how I felt when I turned 25, which is exactly how I felt when I turned 21. Same shit, different number. You would think that because of my lifestyle, the food I eat, the drugs I did (or still do), the hours I sleep and the amount of nasty crap I put into my body, that I would seriously be feeling the effects of my age. I’m sorry, but I’m not. Not even a little bit. I eat a strictly carnivorous diet (I’m also a huge candy junky), I don’t sleep for shit, and I’ve done enough opiates in my time to kill a small army of horses. I guess some people are just built to handle all of the crap life might throw at it. It’s a good thing my body has evolved to keep up with my ridiculous life style, because I could not imagine having to go through life watching everything I eat, and being super picky about everything I do. That’s not living, that’s being paranoid about what might be lurking around every corner. Then again, if I was like that, no one would ever know, because chances are I would be long dead by now. So let’s give thanks to my mom and my dad for passing me down some super bad ass genetics. I couldn’t have made it this long with this kind of lifestyle without those genes. Thank you guys!

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