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Ep 431: Martrice Leeroy


“I’ve seen pictures of her in a covered wagon with horses.”

Time for a little house cleaning, you know, for the new listeners. If you enjoy the show, make sure you are a member of the Jamhole Forums, follow us on Twitter, and join the Facebook group. We also have a Tumblr and a Posterous account if you are into that. You can subscribe with Itunes, or paste THIS LINK into your podcast program. If you are on an Android device, I highly recommend BeyondPod. For the month of December, all donations to the Jamhole are going into a fund to help out our late friend Ryan’s two year old son. We are trying to help him have a better life, and you can help us do that. Other than that, just take a look around the site, there is a ton of shit to read and kill time with. If you enjoy marijuana, we also do a cannabis podcast every Tuesday and Saturday. It’s called the Hot Box and you can find it here. Other than that, stay tuned for live fresh Jamhole episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Watch live on the JamholeTv page.

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