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Ep 203: Fat Boys


“No wonder you did drugs.”

Hello and welcome to episode 203 of The Jamhole free comedy podcast. Ok, I’m going to be honest with you all for just a moment. I’m glad you’re all sitting down.  I firmly believe we are at the crest of the wave form, the very apex of audio interweb evolution where it is time to do something different with the notes.  I am going to switch to a more streamlined, in your face and to the point style.  As you all may or may not know, I have many styles, some of which are very deadly in both their execution and whoreography.  Some are half as simple as they are three to four times the root of the complexity coefficiency constant. Whoreography is like choreography, but with more whores getting involved.  Some of my styles are just air plain ugly, and I regret my whole existence each and every time I choose to use them.

Anyways, by now you know we enjoy taking full advantage of the whole web 2.0 look at me and all of the cool stuff I do, and how much better my myspace page is than your facebook page is, or how we have all stumbledupon so many different ways to waste our fucking lives away half of us have already blown our fucking brains out of our skull candy.  I’ve seen some fucking shit in my days online, things that will never stop visiting me in my nightmares, waking me up in cold sweat only to go into the cat litter covered dingy linoleum floor of the kitchen to eat another goddamn motherfucking muffin.

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