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Ep 447: How to Fuck a Cow


“The Jamhole, it’s like watching a baby die.”

For all of you lonely citizens of the internet, the Jamhole proudly presents, How to Fuck a Cow. First of all, when fucking a cow, you need to ask yourself, is this really what I want to put my dick in? If you answered yes, then please, by all means, continue reading. If not, I suggest you just listen to the episode, leave a comment of thanks, and move on. So, first things first, you are going to want to wear some protection. I know this might sound a little weird coming from me, because I fucking hate fucking with condoms on, but seriously, you could get some kind of weird cow aids, and that risk right there is worth putting a little latex in between you and the beef. Next, you are going to want to find a cow that is somewhere easily¬†accessible. This is probably also the part where I should tell you this is for entertainment purposes only, and if you actually use these directions and fuck a cow, and get cow aids because you didn’t wear a couple of condoms, you can’t sue me.

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