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Ep 500: It Is What It Is


“We all know the crazy ones are the best in bed.”

Holy goddamn Jesus H. titty fucking christ on a crispy creamed crucifix, can you believe it? Finally, 500 episodes of the Jamhole free comedy podcast. Quite the back catalog we’ve amassed so far, and of course we won’t stop till the wheels fall off. It’s nice not having investors or a board or Jamhole Corporate to answer to. I couldn’t imagine doing this show under the stress that if we aren’t funny, we’ll get cancelled. Fuck that shit. You can’t always be funny, and if you are, then you’re a fake fuck and trying way too hard. Sometimes serious issues need to be  Back when we first started this show in February of 2008, I used to get a kick out of looking in the podcasts folder and seeing like ten episodes in there and thinking to myself, damn. That’s a lot of talking. Fast forward three years later and POW, 500 fun filled (mostly) episodes of the Jamhole, up on the internet for anyone to listen to, whenever they want to listen to us. Good shit. Will it stand the test of time? Probably not… That’s why we keep coming at you every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Gotta keep it fresh, gotta continue moving forward. A body at rest will remain at rest and get all fat and lethargic. But a body in motion, moving forward will stay in motion. Constantly evolving, always pushing forward. Absorbing knowledge and creating experience on our way to an enlightened, happy demise.

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