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Ep 244: Jamholiness


“At least the baby died and the cat lived, I’m happy now.”

Another three jamhole episodes and we put another long week of endless work behind us. Into the record books so to speak. Time flies when you do a comedy podcast three days a week. Once you start a podcast, it becomes part of your life, just like work, love, and eating. Given enough time, and it almost becomes a second nature of sorts. Pretty soon, your life merges with the podcast in a sort of symbiosis only seen in the most ancient of parasites. Don’t kill the host, live in perfect balance with the host. Don’t destroy the environment, rather, live in perfect harmony with the environment. The Jamhole is my life, our life, all of ¬†our lives. If you were to add up everything that pisses you off in life, multiply it by not giving a fuck about what people think, to the fourth power, then divide by three, you get my life. You get The Jamhole. I love it!

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