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Ep 175: Judgement Day


“Are you on the rag cuz you’re being a bitch?”

Hello and welcome to episode 175 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonight’s episode we start off talking about the april 1st identity crisis. Fuck that shit was weird. So then we talk about Brayden’s responsibility to find us a place to stay for the week we are in New York. After that we get into some HUAR news with a story about the first robot humans have created that has discovered new scientific knowledge all by itself. And so it begins. Then Brayden does a story about an artificial nose that can sniff out fear among other things. After that we get into a some weed curing brain cancer news. Of course while we’re speaking of drugs, Brayden comes back with a story about an ultraviolet light that makes cocaine glow in the dark. After that Mat tells a story about libby and stupid kids with kids.

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