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Ep 197: Asbestosis


“I know your secretly gay, so that’s why I did it.”

Hello and welcome to episode 197 The Jamhole free comedy podcast. On tonight’s episode we start out talking about a confession Mat feels he needs to get off his chest. I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with his penis and a swimming pool, and probably some semen. After that we talk about a little synchronicity, smoking in a propane and propane accessory shop, and how I would whip a certain other podcast hosts’ girlfriend into proper shape. After that we talk about the relationship status, dike hair cuts, and illiteracy. Then we talk about racist neighbors, how hollywood is totally out of movie ideas, and nerd rules. After that we talk about Germany’s almost evil patent, the death town Mat delivers to once a month, and how its super fun to live there. After that we talk about a retard girl who puts her life on the line to save her ipod, and how google is skynet and knows everything you are doing, before you know you are going to do it.

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