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Ep 166: LoL Juice


“Guys, I can’t stop fingering my twat.”

Hello and welcome to episode 166 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonight’s episode we make podcast history as we do a whole Friday the 13th two hour live show in bras and lingerie. Umm yea, its a long story. So in tonights show we talk about our trip to New York on April 13th, and things we probably should not say in the airport. After that we talk about talking to the abortion protesters and the awesome signs we made for sunday. Of course all of this will be recorded and edited down into a video that will be on our youtube account. After that we talk about blowing stop signs and getting pulled over. This is a warning. Then we talk about how Mat is slowly starting to lose his filter at work, and how it may not end well for him and his job. Lets try something, if you don’t have anything to say, just shut the fuck up. After that we talked about the new season of south park starting, and our thoughts on the new episode. We will probably do this once a week for the duration of the season.

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