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Ep 546: John Pike


“Oh my god, a buck eighty eight for towels!”

John Pike

This feels like a good funny episode. It’s been a while, but I know you’re all going to appreciate this. We really tackle the hard hitting issues in this episode. With these issues, you’re gonna need some tissues. That’s Lyrickal. Since it’s Thanksgiving, or close to, I wrote a little something to help vent the hot air out of the holiday season. And I read on after the break…

Before you all go stuffing your fat faces and giving fake thanks for a day we’re told to celebrate because that’s what the government says to do, read a People’s history of the United States, then tell me what you really have to be thankful for. If you can actually read that book, you will have a whole new outlook on our “holidays.” What a fucking joke. Thanksgiving should be strictly about spending time with family and appreciating what it is you have. The whole scam about the pilgrims and the Indians is a farce, a sample of how history is written by the victors. People should really open their eyes.

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