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Ep 354: Man Parts


“If it’s gay to like a tighter hole, then sign up me sailor.”

Do you all remember a while ago, when we were talking about draw Muhammad day? Well, the results are in. Apparently enough people took part in this fun little Facebook group game to warrant a nasty letter from the king of Muhammad land himself, and when I say Muhammad land, I mean these third world countries who have their heads jammed so far up their prophets ass, they let the poop do all of the important decision making. I just now did a quick search for the draw Muhammad day Facebook group, but it has apparently been removed. In it’s place are a bunch of groups who want people to stop making fun of Muhammad, stop drawing Muhammad as a cartoon, ban South Park because they used a cartoon Muhammad, stop the draw Muhammad day, and the list goes on. I have to say, and I’m sure it’s been said before, but if your great almighty religious prophet gets a little butt hurt or has a serious problem with people drawing him, then you have a weak ass pussy prophet and probably way bigger problems on your hands. I mean seriously what the fuck Islam? You wonder why you live like fucking animals, with fucking animals, (some of you are fucking animals), because you are all so scared of someone making fun of your stupid little prophet, that you haven’t the time to take care of the more important areas of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s like you went a little weak on the basic survival and safety needs only to go way out of control on the spiritual needs, then just stopped there. Glad to see that’s working out well for you.

So basically we have a large group of people who can barely keep themsleves alive, who’s only worry in the world is that people make fun of their prophet by drawing stupid cartoons of him. Do you realize how ridiculous your lives sound to us? VERY! You should be concerned with the fact that it’s the year 2010 and you are still living like it’s the dark ages. See kids, this is what happens when you put all of your trust and hope in a deity that is doesn’t actually exist. If you had such a powerful deity who loved you and watched over you, you wouldn’t be living like such filthy pigs. I understand the whole humble yourself before god thing, but fuck guys, even the humble people aren’t living in their own piss and shit. I feel bad for you, for a split second, until I remember that you are like this by your own design. You chose to live like this in hopes that when you die you will get to fuck a bunch of virgins or something. I don’t know exactly how the story goes, but I’m sure it’s something along those lines. Why else would a bunch of men live like a bunch of animals like that? Duh, because they are promised a bunch of hot tight ass poon when they die. What a silly religion.

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