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Ep 499: Mobile Forensics


“All I smell are farts and asshole anyways, so what’s it fucking matter.”

Episode 499, can you believe it? Seems like only yesterday we were breaking episode 50, now episode 500 looms right before our very eyes and ears. Very exciting times we are living in. It blows my mind to think that only twenty to thirty years ago you needed a whole television or radio studio to be able to catapult your voice through the air and around the globe. Now all we need is a couple cameras, a couple microphones, and an internet connection, and KABOOM we are instantly accessible to the world. What magical times we live in. So here we are, fresh out of an amazing feast Danni cooked up at me madre’s house. We had a nice day off, the first day we’ve both had off in quite some time. It was nice. We’re very excited to bring you the 500th episode of the Jamhole this evening. If all goes according to plan, we should have quite the show for you. Bringing back some old favorites, and possibly introducing you to some new favorites. Either way, you know that Jamholia is going to be popping off tonight. Come join us an hour later than we usually broadcast at, 8pm PT. 11pm ET. on Jamhole TV. If you can’t make the live show, at least leave a message at 406.204.4687, or SMS me at 406.848.1739. You can also post in the forums thread, or send a message the old fashioned way and email info@thejamhole.com. See you this evening for episode 500!

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