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Ep 444: Neck Chicken


“Who kept fucking her, seriously?”

What a wonderful episode of the Jamhole. We tried to do something a little different on this episode. I created some sound clips to play that go along with one of our topics. I would like to do more stuff like this for the show, it’s just very time consuming. Did you guys enjoy it? Or should we just stick with doing what we’ve been doing? Just curious. For this new year, I really want everyone who listens to this show to make a point to try and be more interactive. First and foremost, if you listen to this show even a little bit, make sure you are a member of our forums and the Facebook group, and give us a nice rating / review in Itunes. The forums is our little community where all of you guys and girls can interact with each other, as well as with us. Please go to the Facebook group and invite everyone you are friends with. The smart ones will figure it out and join, and the rest will be left like dust in the wind. Rating us on Itunes will give us a good ranking in the podcast charts, enabling more people to find us. If you want real time updates, Twitter is your best bet on a quick and easy way to stay updated with what we’re doing. Mine is @thejamhole and Danni’s is @dannigurl. But since most of you are already using Facebook, I have it linked so whatever I post on Twitter gets automatically posted on my Facebook. We also have profiles on other web 2.0 sites. Tumblr and Posterous get pictures and some daily updates posted to them. I would follow those if you just want something that lets you know when the show goes live. Tumblr and Posterous don’t get all of the mundane bullshit I post about my personal life like Twitter and Facebook does. For those people who really don’t give a shit what I’m doing day to day, joining our Tumblr or Posterous is your best bet. If you look on the menu about 3/4 down the site, you will see a section called “Jamhole’s Stuff.” This holds every site we have a Jamhole profile on, whether its our Miso profile you can join to see what TV shows and movies we are watching, or something like the Formspring “Ask us Anything” page where you can anonymously ask us questions about anything and everything. Basically, we are everywhere you are, so take a minute out and stalk us. We don’t mind.

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