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Ep 442: Jamhole NYE Special part 2


“Dude, we’ve been podcasting this whole year.”

Here is what Danni thought of the trip experience of MDVP. I am super glad she took the time as she was coming down and completely tripping out to share this with us all. I think someone should add it to the trip reports over on Erowid. I also enjoy how she ended damn near every sentence with LOL. I honestly don’t have the time or motivation to edit all her punctuation, so I’m going to leave that as is. I will fix her spelling though, because I love her. I am kind of curious how much time transpired from the time she sat down and started typing this, until she was finished. What a fun read.

Holy shit did I just jump right on my pc when I was all high? haha. That was a typing test and sight tests because when Icame out earlier to try something I guess I was still a bit over loaded with that stuff… and couldn’t type words right at all. lol. I knew what I wanted to say but the message from my brain to my fingers were slower and faster than others…. lol. So instead of writing my name, I wrote anda whddine I guess the data wasn’t sent at the same time it wasn’t received on time but I’m ok now! yay! I’m am super stoked to get my motor skills back! Hahaha, wouldn’t that suck, you try a new drug out because you were told its great and you try it and lose all signal from your brain to your hand or something… My pupils are still stuck on being huge, now, this is like well over 5 hours after I took my last bump. but I think I got the full effects of the drug in probably the best way you can. I started sober, no other drugs, not even booze of any kind. So I was a fresh nugget to fry. lol.

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