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Ep 362: Pottery


“You think anyone wants to fuck this?”

And now, I would like to welcome to the stage, the great Redfox from the Sporkroast podcast. If you listen to any of our friends’ podcasts you will know who this kid is. So read what he has to say, and take it to heart, because he wrote it from his. This is some serious shit going on here, so pay attention.

Why should we believe in science?  For some reason this question has become more popular in our culture these days.  One would assume because it’s 2010, we should have electric cars, jet packs, food in a pill, and all the other things those old “World of Tomorrow” cartoons used to have.  I recently watched a TED Talk by Michael Specter. He is a staff writer for the New Yorker, and his new book, Denialism, asks why we have increasingly begun to fear scientific advances instead of embracing them.  This lecture really hit home with me, and describes many of the feelings I have about modern times and why we are so quick to deny science and favor our friend’s versions of stories over authority figures.

One of the reasons, I feel, we’re so quick to deny science, is that we fall victim to logical fallacies far too often.  I don’t know if it’s human nature or something in our culture, but we have such a difficulty deciphering correlation and causation.  Just because two things happen at the same time, doesn’t necessarily mean that they one is caused by the other.  The most common, present day example is the Vaccination/Autism issue.  In the TED Talk, Specter mentions Andrew Wakefield’s study that linked childhood vaccinations with autism.  Multiple studies were done afterwards to confirm the results of Wakefield’s study.  He states multiple studies should have been done after.  It’s a natural part of science.
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