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Ep 445: Professional Help


“I’ve had dreams where I have a cock and I’m face fucking a chick against a wall.”

I have a question, why is it when alcohol is involved in a news story we read, they never have that in the headline, but more times than not when marijuana was found on the person, it’s always in the headlines? Is that just a weird way of being biased and helping spread the fear and lies about cannabis the government has worked so hard and spent so much money trying to solidify in our minds? I’m pretty sure it has something to do with that. I mean, you would never see a Fox news person do their own experiment documentary about trying pot for a few days, then coming to the conclusion that wow, it really didn’t make me all crazy and want to go shoot up stuff. Could you imagine if the mainstream media outlets actually reported the news in an unbiased manner? Would the government call treason on them and execute them for printing stories like they are trying to do with wiki leaks? Am I now red flagged for having the word Wiki Leaks on my site? Hell in a hand-basket is where this world is headed. It’s going to be a wild ride. Do you notice that as we’ve been doing this show, the news stories have gotten more over the top? The more time passes, the more crazy people are getting, the more crazy news stories we have to present to you. Hey 26, what’s the equation for that?

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