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Ep 165: Racial Jokes


“Maybe black people are statescist with Montana.”

Hello and welcome to episode 165 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonight’s episode we have David (from annas new york pizza) with us, so pardon the sound as some of us were sharing microphones. Tonight we start the show talking about people finally getting offended about stuff, while taking phone calls. So basically we yell at people who write letters crying about shit, while explaining how we started the show to someone who called in. Thats called multi tasking. After that, we talk about why verizon sucks mat’s balls, and maybe a little way to get your phone not to suck as bad. Then we talk about sleeping and sex and some other stuff, breaking the site, and Mat’s diapers. I believe the cat was even licking her ass. What a fantastic thing we have created. I guess its a live show thing. So then there was fuck my life, then a few confessions, then we do some news.

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