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Ep 209: Racist Robots


“It’s the people in the professional settings that are always the most scummiest.”

What is it about life, that when shit looks like it just couldn’t get any worse, it hauls off and kicks you in the balls. Not my life of course, but it seems the longer I do this show, the more pity I have for humans. We can’t tell our purpose on this planet from our fucking asshole, but we sure as fuck have opinions about shit. Some of us articulate it better than others. At least some of us have jobs to keep our minds busy, unless of course it’s a mindless job, or you’ve lost your mind, then you’re just fucked. We’re all just negro’s and crackers, redo’s and slackers, cornhole attackers and pimp smackers, tryin to get some corn flakes to cover up the taste of these Rfid trackers. ¬†Fuck your grammar, I could probably rap you the whole show-notes, but I sho-won’t. Just remember, whenever you cheat on your wife, don’t forget to get your balls back from her first. Everyone that has balls knows, you can’t cum without them.

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