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Ep 103: Raising Hands


“When people type ROFL, thats what they mean right there.”

Hello and welcome to The Jamhole free mature comedy podcast. Tonight we talk about our salvia experiment, the competition in the mature category of the podcast awards, running from the cops, and voting. After that we get into the best of the best with anonymous confessions, and then we do some news. News stories include how to make your kids skinny and feed them at the same time, who you gonna call when your kids are smoking weed? Sniff Dogs! And finally, when being a big fat fuck just isnt enough, I smell an eating competition. Nope, thats just puke and rotting flesh. We’ll be back monday with more mature shit talking. Dont forget to vote for The Jamhole in the mature category on podcastawards.com. This must be done every 24 hours for maximum efficiency. Dont let all the time we’ve wasted with this god forsaken contest go to waste… And now what you need to know:

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