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Ep 391: Rape the Population


“So you went out with your cock out, and now you have bumps?”

According to this CNN online article, the DEA is looking to hireĀ EbonicsĀ translators. Just let that soak in for a moment. Ebonics, if you aren’t familiar, is the “language” African American’s tend to speak when among their own kind. Mostly this can be attributed to a decline in the ghetto education system, and rap music. Some people call it African American English, which is pretty awesome in and of itself. What a fucking joke. So the DEA apparently needs nine people to translate conversations picked up via wire tap during their investigations. You would think the DEA would just sit their agents down for a couple of hours each week and give them a complete tour of rap starting at NWA, going all the way up to the more modern versions. Shit, a now dead Brooklyn rapper by the name of Big L even wrote a song called Ebonics. Just listen to that shit and figure it out. You’re the fucking DEA for fucks sake. They probably got sick and tired of always having to ask the young agent who listens to hip hop about what the fuck these people are talking about. The funny thing is, they are probably going to have a bunch of early thirty year old white kids submitting resumes thinking they are perfect for the job because they listen to rap music and probably have a black friend or something. This goes on to their next point, that another problem they are having is that Ebonics is no longer just a black language, it’s now what is considered an urban language. Mostly because of all these punk ass wanna be white rappers out there who forget that at the end of the day when they look in the mirror, it’s just another scared white kid staring back at them. Professor John Baugh describes Ebonics as, “linguistic defiance being reinforced by hip-hop.” That right there is pretty awesome. To finish up here, in case you didn’t know, the term Ebonics is a blend of ebony and phonics. I love our language.

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