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Ep 187: Restraining Orders


“You lost all those privileges when you were a piece of shit in the first place.”

Hello and welcome to episode 187 of made in Montana tri-weekly awesomely funny amazingly brilliant Jamhole free comedy podcast. In tonight’s show we talk about busting fat jumps on your mountain bike, folfing, fixing computers because Korea makes shitty fucking RAM, and an alcoholic prick named Ryan McKay who’s phone number just happens to be 406.885.0400. I highly suggest you listen to the episode so you can get an idea as to just how big of a douche this guy is, then give him a call and let him know how big of a fucking douche he is. I also highly suggest you do this before we are nicely apologized to, and then asked to remove said number. Thats right, once again in Jamhole history, some “human” being is being a total dick face to another human being, and we feel it’s our duty as fellow human beings to point this sort of behavior out to the offending “human.” So we play some threatening voicemails, then we make fun of him, then we call him, we all laugh heartily, then continue on with the show. Seriously, call this guy and let him know that this type of behavoir is actually not ok, and will no longer be tolerated.

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