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Ep 190: Sexy Daydream


“I’m sorry for thinking about my ex… I guess.”

Hello and welcome to episode 190 of made in Montana tri-weekly awesomely funny Jamhole free comedy podcast. In tonight’s episode we talk about how we’re almost catching up to the SGU, which is a pretty cool thing for us nerds. Speaking of nerds, after that we talk about how awesome our new Ustream page at thejamhole.com/live is pretty fucking awesome. Then I think we ask you to subscribe to our show in Itunes by clicking here, or that really awesome looking button. Right, so then we talk about our first live audience show. Im really excited to do this fucking thing at 8 in the morning. Its going to be great. So grab some coffee or rockstars for me, and come join us at depot park around 8 am. Right, so then we talk about this fucked up rape dream Mat had, what it means, then Mat makes Danni talk about her weird creepy “rape” dream. Right, so then we down some rules for fucking other people, and then we go through some shit that was sent to us through the stumbleupon accounts.

Awkwardest moment with your parents ever.

Awkward places to be when you start throwin an awkward boner.

How racist are you? Play pick the perp and post your high score streaks in the forums.

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