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TJH 578: Butthole Applicator


“I’m pretty sure none of this is going to get remembered tomorrow.”

Getting things back on track, a place for everything and everything in a space designed for maximum¬†efficiency in how items are placed. Good page loading times when I’m throwing rhymes in between the space it takes your mind to coat a slice. Synaptic feedback loops, I hope it’s nice. It never is, never priced like a severed kite about to reach the upper atmosphere on the seventh night. So rest, or better yet let’s try and get it right this time around before we fail at life and walk around down town with loud frowns. This is nothing more than unfiltered stream of¬†consciousnesses, unadulterated in a short black skirt ready to flirt and see where the night takes her. Tap read more for some insightful show notes.

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