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Ep 449: The Truth


“No wonder you go on Skype dates.”

I was on Facebook today and saw something that kind of appalled me. This is more of a marijuana related item, but since I don’t write show notes for the Hot Box, I figured I would share it with you here. So as you all may or may not know, the Montana legislature is looking at the medical marijuana law. Some people want to repeal it, others say its fine the way it is, while others want to keep the law, but fix it some. So on the Montana Medical Growers Association Facebook page I saw this quote from House District 18 (Great Falls MT) representative Jesse O’Hara, who is a republican that blew my fucking mind. When asked what his stance is on HB33 and medical marijuana, he replied,

“I will vote to repeal the law. I do not want people on our roads that are under the influence.”

Are you fucking kidding me? The bullshit reason you give us is that you don’t want people on our roads that are under the influence? How is it that people who are so uninformed and misinformed are the ones making our laws? That blows my fucking mind. How long have you been regulating alcohol, and how many people die from that every year? How many people are out on our streets and highways driving drunk because they can drive themselves to a bar and purchase alcohol all night long? A bunch. Do you understand that I can have marijuana in my system and still not be impaired? Do you understand that I can have marijuana in my system TODAY for cannabis I smoked LAST MONTH? How is that OK? Guess how many people have been killed by marijuana? Still 0. How can you logically argue with that? This isn’t the 1950’s and 60’s where you can make up ridiculous bullshit lies, and expect we the blind tax paying sheep will believe them and thank you for keeping us safe. No sir, we are much more educated than we were in the past, and we have armed ourselves with tools of knowledge, so when our government tells us things, we no longer blindly follow. We google the fuck out of that shit. We find the information for ourselves, then we make informed decisions on what to do. So when you tell us that marijuana is harmful and should be schedule one because there is no accepted medical benefit from it, you had better have some hard scientific evidence to back that up. These people making our laws have things so ass backwards it’s amazing any of us are still alive right now. This is 2011, and we will no longer let our government lie to us and make criminals out of good hard working honest people. We’re pissed off, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

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