Ep 202: Rubber Ducky


“P.S. Fuck you!”

Hello and welcome to episode 202 of The Jamhole free comedy podcast. On tonight’s episode we start the show off talking about how no two kabooms are alike, which leads us into talking about some change, and that leads into happy birthday wishes to Mat’s younger brother, which leads us into Danni making Mat feel like a pedo.  After that we talk about  some email from our good friend Tom, then we read a snail mail from the fleshlight kid.  After that we talk about a few movies which are called Next, Friday the 13th remake, and Fanboys.  Then we read a quick exerpt from The God Delusion, which leads us into a little religion bash.  Just a little, I promise.  After that we actually do not do some fuck my life, because the site was down, which is kind of ironic I guess, so we talk about daggering and the broken dick problem Jamaica seems to be having.  I think thats about when we had to look at a diagram to see exactly where the vulva is located.  Don’t laugh, because Danni did not know either.  So after that we spark that owl, then we do some news, then we play the voicemail. Hey Chicky Babe, holla at ya boy!

News stories include but are not limited to: Getting raped in living color, on the internet, AGAIN…  Is our new president the antichrist? Only in our most fucked up state. Speaking of our most fucked up state, lets tie the knot right before we die because we’re ninety fucking years old.  Burning down the toffee copless shop.  They says it was arson don’t ya know. Spraying saline and water on unsuspecting strangers’ toes. The joys of teaching your retard daughter how to drive. Running into your bro over ten bucks. What a fantastic news session.  Blaze one for the nation.

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