Ep 323: Reset


“This was more interesting than any interview we did that day.”

I think we need to all take a minute, step back and look at what’s going on. We have, for far too long, let the people in power take control and run this world we all live on, into the ground. Of course it all has to do with that age old quote, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I don’t know what it is about being a human that makes us so power hungry, but when we get it, we get it bad. Perhaps it’s the whole thing about how we like controlling other people, but at the same time, the more we control others, the less we are able to control ourselves. Words to live by right? I think the government has split the people up too much, which  creates a society where, instead of working together to solve a problem, we work against each other, which in turn, creates even more problems. Of course, this is exactly what the government wants. If we the people are busy fighting with each other, we don’t notice the bigger picture. It never even crosses our mind that maybe we’re being completely distracted for a reason. We’re staring at the left hand, making sure it’s not doing anything evil, meanwhile the right hand is sharpening a knife, about to plunge it into our collective backs. So what do we do to fix this? My guess is to just reset and start over, keeping in mind the knowledge we have accumulated during the last go around. You know, we don’t want to make the same mistakes over and over and over again like we seem to be currently doing. Because guess what, if we don’t start making some serious changes, real quick like, we aren’t going to have a planet to live on, or a chance to start over. Nature always has a way of righting itself, and if we don’t do something about it soon, our efforts will be too little, too late.

  • Daylight savings time is ridiculous. I can’t believe we’re still doing that.
  • Now I present to you, Keith Malley and Chemda Kahili, also known as Keith and The Girl. They wrote a book, it’s called, “What Do We Do Now?” and it’s a great read. If you have ever been in, or plan on being in a relationship, you will need this book. We will also have a contest to give away two autographed copies of the book, to two lucky Jamhole listeners. Keep checking back and listening to the show to find out how you can win.
  • Listen as Keith and The Girl try to fix Dana and my relationship. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? Oh wait, I just found a crack.
  • I am in fact, a master madman in the sack. Don’t let the calm and cool fool you, I’m crazy. The problem isn’t that the sex is bad, the sex is in fact, mind blowing. Which is why I want to fuck all the time. Maybe if the sex was shitty, I wouldn’t want it all the time.
  • Cheering Dana up takes a different approach than cheering me up. Who would have thought?
  • So communication is key right? And who the fuck is Brent? He apparently never forgets. You might want to look into a good dentist Brent.
  • If I get mad or upset, all I need is some good weed and a jerk session, and I’m back to normal. If only it worked this well for everyone.
  • So I’m a fucking fag child who can’t sit still and needs to bust nuts daily, and she’s a dike bitch. Soooo, what do we do now? I love you baby!
  • All the worlds problems can’t be solved by fishing. In other news, on the show Dana said she only has one friend, but her facebook and myspace page beg to differ. You have way more friends than that.
  • There is a time and place for certain jokes, and apparently my timing sucks.
  • If you have a podcast and you would like to interview Keith and Chemda about their new book, “What Do We Do Now,” email info@keithandthegirl.com
  • So after all that, we have finally come to a compromise. Life is once again good. And if you bet that I was NOT going to have sex this evening after the show, you are dead wrong. We had the freakiest most awesome suck and fuck session we’ve probably ever had.
  • The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire…. Oh fuck, the roof is really on fire. Famous Dave’s in Kalispell catches on fire, and the management has no idea what to do. Brilliant. You call yourself a manager? What exactly is it that you manage?
  • One good fire deserves another. Dana gets fired for caring about her father, who was working at Famous Dave’s when it caught on fire. Her ex boss did not handle this properly. She had all the work done you heartless fuck. Just because you hate your life, doesn’t mean you have to make her life miserable. When you  make her life miserable, you make my life unhappy. Not cool. So what was the reason for the firing? There isn’t one… Yet. Perhaps it’s the way she walks. He never did like the way she walked.
  • You would think when going on a fast for the Lord, the Lord would have your back. Not in this case. I would have paid big bucks to see the look on her face when she died and realized there really is no god. God is the government.
  • God has so many names, and this is why. People are killing each other over what they call their god. It doesn’t get much more silly than that.
  • The greatest traffic stop treasure find… EVER! Everyone has a little captain in them. On top of all that, you got a seatbelt ticket. HAHAhahaha.
  • I apologize, we totally forgot to do WWJD? So we’ll have two for you on Wednesday. If you haven’t already, go buy the katg book, donate some cash to us, and we’ll see you Wednesday. Also, if you have any ideas for our relationship, email info@thejamhole.com.

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