Ep 380: League of Jamhole


“Happy birthday dick fuck.”

Not enough hours in a day. So much crap going on, good and bad. Sometimes I wish I could just lay down and go to sleep without having that damn alarm clock wake me up before I’m ready. Then again, if my wishes came true, I would have more time.

  • Happy birthday Shaun. I can’t believe you’ve made it twenty six years on this planet, living the way you do. Here’s to twenty six more.
  • Leave us some nice reviews on Itunes so they will feature us. Thank you.
  • We’re having some parties coming up. August 14th Shaun and I and a few other bands will be playing at distinkd tattoo / piercing shop. Bang your head and shake your hips. Then September 18th is the Roach Market thrown by the Hot Box podcast. THEN on September 25th, we are having the second annual Jamhole live show. 404 lost in the 406. It’s gonna be a blast.
  • Let’s talk about some past relationships. That’s always fun.
  • This is what I do on Saturday. I’m running myself ragged. It’s cool though.
  • Danni’s uncle is back in the hospital. It’s brought us a bit closer together. Is that weird? Maybe he just needs someone to pray for him.
  • Let’s do a little FML.
  • I am so fucking tired.
  • This is why people who live in trailers with children should not be allowed to have web cams.
  • God bless America, and nowhere else.

By Mat Lee

Creating dope shit since the chromosome split...

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