Ep 463: Junior


“What’s Oh SHIT?”

This was such a fun episode, and I’m really glad I got to talk to my grandfather on the show. While I was at work today, the mom sent me a couple of emails filled with an addendum and a couple corrections to the riot story. The following is from those emails…

Grandpa wants you to know:

He lost his train of thought after he said he told the kids he wouldnt want to be black for ten seconds. What he wanted to add was this: He continued to tell them that you could be a millionaire dressed in the finest clothes but you will still be marked by the color of your skin. It is up to your generation to change the status quo of your race. But if I lock you up, you will not receive a summons. All federal, state, and local charges will be placed against you and if found guilty, you will be denied any license permit etc.

Lincoln Lynch (the black agitator from NAACP) was found guilty of striking a police officer. (By the way, he misunderstood, no police officer wore cups back then.) Lynch was sentenced to 6 months in jail, which he served.

As for the final outcome of the students, they all demanded separate jury trials, which would have tied up the court system for months if not years. Upon consultation with the prosecuting authorities I agreed to reduce the charges to misdemeanors and each student was fined. They were put on probation and told that if they engaged in such actions at a future date the original charges would be filed against them. There were no further incidences.

He had a really good time talking to us, and the next time he visits Kalispell, I’ll be sure to bring him back on the show. Thanks for listening, and now for the notes!

  • Let’s give a big giant Jamhole welcome to one my grandfather. This is record breaking shit right here. He is the oldest and most wisest human to ever grace the ears of the good people of Jamholia. Besides John C. Dvorak, my grandfather may be the oldest human on a podcast EVER! Sit back and enjoy the stories of the good old days.
  • Basically we interview Grandpa for the whole episode. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here right now. So thanks!
  • We talk about what it was like to be a police officer back in the day, and why my mother got put in lockers because of it.
  • We kind of go all over the place on this episode. So many topics. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, I should have prepared better.
  • Grandpa tells us what it was like driving a tank destroyer in world war 2. I could listen to these war stories all day.
  • Let’s shift gears to some current events. Grandpa shares his thoughts on Egypt, Libya, and why it’s stupid to get into a religious war with ANYONE. The internet is a powerful tool.
  • We field some questions from our live listeners. So what do you think about Pearl Harbor being a conspiracy to get us into the war? Bullshit!
  • Let’s discuss the Montana medical marijuana repeal these crazy Mormon funded commie mommies are trying to push forward.
  • Grandpa still says marijuana is a gateway drug. I do not. This is where we disagree. Sometimes disagreements foster a great conversation. Sometimes people get killed. He also makes a great point on behalf of the police. They are just doing their job… Well most of them.
  • We also apparently disagree why marijuana was made illegal to begin with. This was a fun talk.
  • I have no idea why I decided to bring this up, but ever since I heard this guy speak on Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour, I can’t get it out of my head. Check out the new nuclear technology we SHOULD be using. Energy from Thorium. This sounds like it could save us. Listen to me try to explain nuclear physics. Good stuff.
  • Tell me what you know about Tesla. Danni knows that he’s a vampire.
  • I think we even discuss immigration. What a informational episode. Hey, if you don’t remember history, you are doomed to repeat it.
  • Let’s go through some questions Berger sent in. We would have had our first Jamhole heart attack if I would have read all of the questions. Thanks Berger!
  • Finally, let’s close out with why I’m such a spoiled brat. It’s not my fault.
  • Thanks for joining us for this special episode of the Jamhole. If you guys want to send any email to my grandfather, email info@thejamhole.com and I’ll make sure he gets it.
  • Leave us a message at 406.204.4687 and make sure you are a member of the forums, Facebook group, and Twitter.
  • Grandpa closes us out with a story. Human beings linked by the love of family. That’s what life is all about. Hell, that’s what the Jamhole is all about!

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