TJH 566: Useless Organization


“So you’re saying if you play the game, the terrorists win.”

It’s always fun when we have good conversations about things people care about. Then again, it’s also fun to randomly talk shit about whatever happens to come to my mind at the time. It’s like freestyle rap, sans rhymes. It’s like yo mamma jokes minus yo mamma. So I need to get these notes done before Robby and Ben get here for episode 567. You should join us on Jamhole TV for all the Jamhole episodes. It’s the best way to consume us. Here’s some notes.

Let’s welcome Robby back to the show. If you haven’t noticed, I’m sick. This happens about once a year. Can you listen back and notice each time I’ve been sick? It’ll be a fun game. The first person to email with the correct episodes will win some stickers!

Robby fills us in on his latest sleep deprivation experiment. I call it an experiment, he calls it life.

If you play the game, the terrorists win. If you listen to episode 564 of the Jamhole, we all win. Don’t expect it to be funny, it was all business.

I still want a near death experience. Who’s with me?

Do you remember the first season of Married with Children? Classic comedic gold.

Some thoughts from a friend of a friend on why the TSA is completely worthless. What’s the deal with the TSA?

We dictate who gets to go nuclear and who doesn’t. Yeah, that’s fair. We wonder why the rest of the world is struggling… Well not the rest, but a decent number of them.

Study links heavy diesel exhaust to lung cancer… Umm duh? I’m glad we have the evidence for it now. Will this make anything change? I doubt it. You know why? Because everything causes cancer.

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This is why you shouldn’t text and drive. Especially if you aren’t coordinated. You should also remember, only break one law at a time. You died because you had to message your friend about the Bronco’s. Nice.

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Hey France, stop trying to make Google suck. You were the idiot taking a leak on your front yard. Let’s all be honest here, it’s your little dick that is making you sue Google. It’s not Google’s fault you have a little dick.

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Rush Limbaugh, besides those of us here hosting the Jamhole, is the biggest D bag in radio. What a fucking hypocrite. I hope his advertisers all pull their money. They would if they were smart. Do you remember in 2003 when you were a huge pill junkie? How’s that going?

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