TJH 651: Shut Shit Down


“Animals always come back to where their food is.”

We’re back from the Faire and can’t wait to get home again. You know what we mean. I hope you enjoy the episodic frequency of this showmanship. Sometimes more, sometimes less. An odd mess nonetheless. This month is just like all the rest, except that it’s special. I am very super excited to tell you my brother, myself, and some friends of ours are releasing a new free album for your aural enjoyment. Half hip hop, half of the nastiest grimy basslines you’ve never heard since this whole dubstep thing became a thing. We are the Palici, and the album is called the Chthonic Chronicles. It’s coming out for free on my birthday, October 22nd. You’ve probably been hearing bits and pieces at the end of the last few episodes. Check my Soundcloud or Google Play Music, and of course the Jamhole music page for the downloads. We’re also posting pictures and shit of us here on the Mat Lee GU page on Facebook. For now, check out my latest track called Leaf Leaves on Soundcloud. It’s an Ev-G beat. I mixed it. Fuck yes.

Have you ever had to fire watch in a whole different reality? Two words: Barter Faire. Let’s chit chat about it a tad shall we? The next one is in May, are you ready to shut shit down?

barterfaireresHave you ever been to TomorrowWorld? I have not, but this fella did, and then apparently got beat up and stranded in the woods naked. Lucky for him, this kind hunter found him. This is why the buddy system at this insane festivals is key.

Talk about a therapeutic breakthrough.

tomorrowThe worst case of crying wolf ever. Your son is dead. Actually no he isn’t, he was just living with his girlfriend. So who actually died then?

How long could you live with a three inch leech up your nose? This one has to be fake, or you have done so much blow you have no more feeling left in your snorty nose. There’s no way you would go a month with that thing comfortably living up in there.

leechnoseAnother way the terrorists win? Haunted house owners in Colorado are toning down their shit because people are being little bitches about fake heads on stakes and shit.

When you do LSD, you should probably make sure you are in a safe place. Especially if your little ego can’t deal, and you end up on some wack spiritual journey breaking into houses. How the fuck did you lose your clothes?

Probably the best zombie attraction out there. At least on that day. It really doesn’t get any more real than this. Zombie bus accident. Nice.

Koosh ball firing squad. This is the best punishment for caddy tweens ever. Ready, aim, fire!

The Palici presents the Chthonic Chronicles 10.22.14
The Palici presents the Chthonic Chronicles 10.22.14

Are you enjoying the new music? Check out this playlist, it has some new shit on it. Also make sure to follow the Mat Lee GU page. The track at the end is a taste of some of the nasty edm that makes up the other half of the Chthonic Chronicles. My brother makes sick shit. Enjoy!

Check out the live hangout video below. When we do live shows, it will be through hangouts from now on. Make sure to add the Jamhole to your Google+ circles and subscribe to the new channel on YouTube. Thanks for checking out the show.

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