TJH 681: Metal Fume Fever


“Can I start a GoFundMe for my car payment?”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole. On tonight’s episode we have BJ and Ben in the studio. It’s an episode full of closure, which a lot of you should appreciate. Hope everyone in Northern California is weathering the PG&E shut off ok. We finished our work here, so it’s apparently time to head home. Check out the read more for links to some of the stuff we chat about. Thanks for listening, and we’ll talk at you next episode!

PG&E shut off power to a ton of people here in Northern California. There’s an interesting article here about it. They also had to apologize for having a wine dinner the night before the shut off. Who are these fucking people?

Japan gets hit by a typhoon and an earthquake, at the same motherfucking time.

Shout out to the Triton group for creating a little havoc. This is the story Ben was referencing.

Ben chats about his short lived experience in the California cannabis industry. Whenever you lose your job, it’s better to say that you simply finished the all the work. We finished our work here, so it’s time to head back to Oregon.

So tell me how you really feel about Eureka California. Bj didn’t like it. Not one bit.

Do you like living in a box?

Ben Ends Movies, is going to be a great new bit.

Vapegate 2019 continues. There’s an interesting story here about it. It might not just be the vitamin E acetate, it could now also be the cheap silver solder people are using in their cheap vape pens. So be careful out there.

Some tough luck out there at the new Hard Rock in New Orleans. Check out the article for some crazy pictures.

A gentleman in Dover Delaware was arrested with a bunch of weed in a stolen car. You can check out the article here.

This giant chunk of ice berg has broken off and is now floating around out there. Also, did you know there’s apparently a star gate on Antarctica?

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found in a weed sack? Email us at Info(at) and let us know!

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