TJH 831: Legacy Tolerance

The Jamhole Ep 831

“I learned a lot about myself that day.”

Welcome back BJ! I hope you received all those thots and prayers we were sending your way!

family guy is awesome

During the week, I think my favorite thing was watching shit like Family Guy and Cleveland with the kiddo, and her seeing something and asking me about if it’s a real thing or not. It really puts things into perspective as to exactly how fucking retarded this humanity thing is…

We’ve been kicking around the idea of doing another live show when we go to Montana. Right now we’re just gauging interest. So, are you interested?

Hey Baltimore, are y’all doing alright? It looks like someone parked a ship in your bridge…

We have received intel on the next insane tick tock challenge. What do you know about Chroming?

So Diddy? Or not? This is all very confusing.

Church attendance is once again on the decline.

Voicemail line for you: 406-204-4687

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Take the Money
Take the Money
Clown Ass Shit House
Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™
GM Fam!
GM Fam!
Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares

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