TJH 840: The Kansas City Shuffle

The Jamhole episode 840

“You fucking rubes, you wish it was over, we’re just getting started.”

Welcome back to a fresh new episode of the Jamhole! Today Ben joins us for a last hurrah of sorts. You know that feeling when you’re standing on the gallows… Maybe that’s a bad example.

I love you all!

You know that feeling when you are on your knees and your head is sitting on the cold, blood soaked splintery slab, and all you can see is the bottom of the executioners robe, and his boots. You notice one of them is untied. The boot not the robe. Don’t make this weird.

chopping block
Head on the ol chopping block…

Right as you’re about to tell him he should tie his boot up better so he doesn’t lose balance, there’s a flash of metal, a feeling of ecstasy for what seems like eternity, but was only a few seconds, then nothing. Sweet, comforting, all engulfing, warm nothing.

That’s pretty much how listening back to this episode could feel. I don’t want to tell you how or what to feel, but this is just what I felt.

Enjoy the show!

Let’s all welcome Ben back to the show, fresh off his hiatus. Sounds like he’s doing good, so that’s good. Let’s kick the show off with some fun conspiracy stuff, courtesy of our best friend Ben.

My new favorite segment, is the local weekly rant thread from Reddit. This should make us a staple of the weirdness that is the whole weird pacific northwest thing.

The kitty roars
Thine Kitteh doth Roar!

Shout out to Roaring Kitty for taking on the system at it’s own corrupt game. Also double points for trolling the shit out of the media making them wait for the live coverage. Bang that sub button!

Ben asked what the DTCC is, it’s the The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation. The more you know!

The Rabbit hole
Ready for the rabbit hole?

Check out an example here of the halts. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, this is a great thread to start with. Shout out to all the meme translators out there. You can also view the actual halts here, look up June 7th 2024.

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Grumpy OPSEC
Opsec needs an upgrade…

Sounds like the American health care system is still under attack. That’s not very HIPPA of them is it…

Nice Planters
The Planters

Those are some nice planters you have, it would be a shame if they were to “get recycled.”

the storm
Winter is coming… or something.

In case you didn’t know, power outage-causing storms are on the rise, which is already impacting food insecurity.

In the no shit news of the week, did you know LAX is a bustling center of drug smuggling? Yep, no shit.

bridges and barges
Defense! Defense!

The old make barges look like a bridge trick, gets’em every time.

This is probably a pretty good definition of play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You can’t make threats to government agencies bro. Are you new here?

Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock
Look out below!

A dude fell off some cliff in Norway.

The Walking Tree
The Walking Tree

In our new bit, is this real or is this AI, we have a cool looking tree thing from New Zealand.

If you liked H1N1, you’re going to love H5N2, coming soon to an airport or port near you.

If you are starving and in Wasco, you can hang out by the train tracks and wait for someone to get hit then grab a leg and start eating…

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Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™
GM Fam!
GM Fam!
Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares
Take the Money
Take the Money
Clown Ass Shit House
Bork Bork
Bork Bork

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