Ep 85: Crazyville


“She used to be a cool dude, but now she’s a great fucking chick.”

Hello and welcome to episode 85 of The Jamhole, we have a great show for all of you tonight. We talk about a story of two men that rape a girl up to 220 times, a family of four that were murdered and had their house burned down, a guy that rubs his greasy dick and ass up against windows all over town, and much more.

Support the show and donate us a few bucks. We accecpt paypal, debit and credit cards of course. We’ll send you some stickers if you do! Stickers are fun, plus it will make you feel good to help things that make you laugh, and feeling good is good. By the way, to anyone that cares, right after last nights live show, the hard drive my music collection lived on kind of blew up. So now i have only the music thats on my ipod touch, which is a fraction of the over 150 gigs of music I had. I found a 1 terabyte drive on newegg for around a hundred bucks, so any donations we receive until I get a new hard drive will go towards that. This is very very important to me, if your a fan of the show, then you know music is my life, so if you like the show, please help me get my music back.

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