The Jamhole Ep 72 pt. 1


“The second night of the cruise I did start drinking Jameson.”

Hello and welcome to part one of The Jamhole Keith and The Girl cruise special. As you may or may not know, Mat has been on the KATG cruise for the past week and a half so this episode is quite long, we decided to slice it into two parts for your listening pleasure. Part one covers from the time we left Montana until the cruise ship got to Key West. Part two is from Key West till the end. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed experiencing it. Pictures will be up on our Picasa page sometime today after I get some sleep, as well as videos on our Youtube account, also after I get some sleep. A huge thank you goes out to Keith and Chemda for putting on such a wonderful event, and fuck you Carnival Cruise Lines for being cunts!

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