Ep 294: Taze My Baby


“If sucking dick is christmas then I’m Scrooge.”

I’m going to be very sad if the airlines are still fucking people around when we go to Florida. I might not even want to fly there if shit is still this out of control. Hey airline companies, I am giving you until the end of August of this year to get your goddamn shit together. We as patrons of your business have put up with a whole lot of bullshit from you, while you idly stand by draining our plus sign monies via a huge throbbing cock in our assholes after a bad hemorroidal flare up, NO LUBE! We are seriously fucking sick of your shit. It’s fucking 20X for fucks sake, and you just keep coming at us with game from the mid 80s. That’s really fucking sad. You would think that for the amount of hard unlubed anal raping that goes on, you would at least have the common courtesy to not charge us a thousand fucking dollars just to travel across the country. I’m not sure if you realized, but gas prices went down, why the FUCK are you still charging us to bring luggage with? Are you fucking kidding me? Then, after the TSA gets their turn with the hot dick in ass action, and we actually get on the plane we have a ticket for, you have screaming god forsaken children in the back, some dick for with ADD in front of me who can’t seem to find a comfortable position, I gotta deal with big fat fuck taking up half the seat I payed way too much fucking money for. I’m so fucking serious about this AIRLINE COMPANIES, get your shit together and quit charging so fucking much, and hire some younger hotter FEMALE stewardesses, no more of this dude steward bullshit, and everything is going to be just fine. But if you keep coming at us with this weak ass game of yours, we’re going to figure out other ways of getting where we’re going. Thank you.

  • If you send in pictures to info@thejamhole.com for Danni to look at, try and get it hard first.
  • Another thought inspiring question from another fictional character that listens to the show. What Would Jamhole Do? We have another for Friday. I’m excited.
  • So we need some RSS / CSS help, so if anyone is in the know, email me. HELP ME.
  • It must be nice only working a couple hours a day, a couple days a week. Must be nice…
  • Danni masturbates like a speedster masturbates on the television show “Heroes.”
  • This just in, Women probably don’t have G spots. We can call back the search party.
  • Remember singled out? That woman has kids now. I weep for the world.
  • Let’s give Danni a complex. Have you seen yourself jerk off lately? No really honey, it’s beautiful.
  • I don’t like sucking dick, but I am the best at it. I’m not good at things I don’t like to do. Why are you so good at sucking cock?
  • The definition of a blow job is you suck my dick while I sit back and fucking chill.
  • Psychological violence is for pussies. Even in France.
  • Danni is learning all about semen.
  • You know what I learned from porn? You needed to watch live to understand this. It’s a visual thing. Luck for you, I record the shows on our ustream account.
  • Breaking someone down mentally as training tools.
  • Noisy sex in the church tower. Gotta love the Germans. It was even during church.
  • Taze the baby! The best human shield ever. Kind of like a spartan shield.
  • Putting a stop to another potential octo mom. I think the doctors did a civil service. The Jamhole salutes you. Stop having so many fucking kids. Please.
  • I need you and you complete me. Now suck ma dick!
  • Your 52 nigga, that’s life in prison. Was it worth it? Life in prison! Life envisioned.
  • Hey airports, how’s the child porn business? Who’s got the guilty conscious? He’s the sex offender.

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