Ep 300: And Still Shit


“Do you remember when we got ripped off for buying weed, twice?”

Three hundred episodes in the can, almost two years of doing the jamhole and we’re still going strong. Just make sure you don’t measure how strong we are going by the sound of this episodes Kaboom. Let me give you a little inside insight. For the last forty to fifty episodes, people in the live chat have been asking for Danni to do the Kaboom. Then finally last night, I was going to let her do it. Then we get the idea that rather than Danni herself doing the Kaboom, everyone should do it. Everyone includes Danni, Chris, Odie, and Brayden. So I’m like sure, that sounds good. I sit back as the intro plays, intent on letting everyone else do the Kaboom. What happens after the backspin? Absolute silence. Along with achieving three hundred episode spartan status, I believe we also have one of the jamhole’s most awkward silences ever. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. It has been an honor bringing you all over five hundred hours of jamhole goodness. Thank you all for helping us grow this show into what it has become, and we look forward to bringing you at least three hundred more episodes. Keep supporting the show, spreading the word, interacting, and staying sexy, and we’ll keep making fun of stuff, and talking shit.

  • Happy Episode 300! Welcome a house packed full of Jamhole favorites from the past. Welcome to Brayden, Odie, and Chris. Who’s missed Brayden? I have!
  • I’m sorry, but am I the only one who could give a fuck less about network tv, and the fact that they can’t get their shit straight? Here, let me help you. I just solved all your problems.
  • Does everyone remember when Danni fucked up the Kaboom? Ok, just checking. When you assume, you always make an ass out of U and ME.
  • Man, the Jamhole has come a long way since episode 14. Join us on Saturday’s around 4pm PT. / 7pm ET. for Jamhole rediscovery time!
  • What Would Jamhole Do? Tooth fairy personal servicing, with a smile.
  • Danni fails another chance at the Kaboom. I give her a couple more, both of which she failed.
  • What’s more awesome than 300 episodes, is the fact that Danni and myself are still together. Ask amesb how long it’s been, she’s the time keeper.
  • Nice job New Jersey and the MPP. You are the 14th state to pull your head out of your ass. Legalize it!
  • It’s not our fault you made us lie. I have to come clean about this. We just want to smoke weed, you made us use this loophole. If you stop lying, we will too.
  • Does anyone remember Haiti? Don’t worry Haitians, solar powered bibles will save your life! Pray to god for more earthquakes, because you’ve never seen so much money. Fuck Haiti, donate to The Jamhole! We are way more entertaining than Haiti.
  • How do you know we’re in Montana? We’re smoking weed through bullet shells. That’s just how we roll.
  • Women get cuter while men stay the same. Here’s a list of things we let women do better than us. Here is a list of things you can improve on.
  • Danni kind of phones it in on this episode. She feels that because Brayden was on the show, she has an excuse to slack. Note the lack of Kaboom.
  • AmesB says this ep was our 11th month anniversary. Happy 11th anniversary Danni!
  • Feeding your dog kittens… Sad kittens. Why? Because we ran out of dog food.
  • Why are your balls in the dryer? Because they are dryer balls duh!
  • What do 16 year old boys do? Well they rape 4 year old girls of course. Grade school gang bang. School was never this interesting back when I was in school.
  • I can’t believe we’ve done 300 episodes. Let’s hear some voice mails from people also blown away by the fact that we have done 300 episodes. You can leave us a message at 406.204.4687 or use that same number to call us LIVE when the show is LIVE.
  • Redfox phones it in to kaboom for Danni. Thank you Redfox.
  • This is how you deal with strippers who don’t quite understand what their job entails.
  • Pardon the silence breaks, I blame the weed. Listen as we embarrass Odie. He has a don’t ask, don’t tell policy.
  • Don’t let the bed bugs bite, because they have sharp barbed needle dicks for a mouth. In the wild, she always struggles. If you listen closely, you can hear Danni snort.
  • Can we stop beating people in Siberia. Even the Russian Journalists. Never mind, his name is Popov. That makes it all worthwhile. Pardon while we school Odie on how the chat works.
  • Do you remember when we did our 250th episode live in front of an audience? Check it out! The best five bucks you’ll ever spend. Thank you for your support.
  • Stop naming your hospitals after religious things. Especially when shit like this happens in them. Vomit all over your face!
  • MDS also calls in and shows Danni how to Kaboom. I forgot to edit it. My bad. Reaching 300 episodes is better than getting married. I love you guys, in sickness and in health. Till our server crashes do we part. Amen!
  • Let me say it again, FUCK HAITI. What has Haiti ever done for you? Nothing. Does Haiti have 300 episodes? Fuck no. Donate to us, fuck Haiti.
  • I love you all, even Danni.

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