Ep 305: Moral Compass


“You have to make the bait more obvious sometimes.”

If you spend any amount of time interacting with religious people like I do, you will have heard one of their many arguments of god’s existence, called the morality argument. This argument comes in many different flavors, the most popular being, “In my younger days I was a cursing, drinking, smoking, gambling, child-molesting, thieving, murdering, bed-wetting bastard. That all changed once I became religious, therefore god must exist.” With this line of thinking, every atheist should be a raping, killing, destructive force of hate and malevolence, completely fucking up everything in our way. We are not, so what does that tell you? Maybe god had some morality to spare, so he gave it to some of us non believers, or maybe the whole argument of existence via morality is complete and utter bullshit. I think it’s fucked up that someone has to be at the lowest point in their life before they finally give up responsibility to a “higher power.” I also think it’s fucked up that a lot of the problems we face in the world today, are problems caused by religion or people with strong religious affiliation. Since this is the case, what does your morality argument say about them? Go ahead, keep moving the goal posts. I have all the time in the world. You are the one counting down to some eternal heaven / hell dichotomy where the fate of your soul hangs in the balance. I’m not waiting for anything. I’m making the best out of the life I have made for myself. I don’t pray to some eye in the sky to help me make my life better. If I want my life to be better, I will take the steps to make it better. If I want to give some of my hard earned money to a charity, I will do so, not because god gave me morality, but because I am naturally a human being, and sometimes human beings do nice things for other, less fortunate human beings. When I do decide to give my money to a charity, you won’t see me make a big deal out of it either. You won’t hear me preach about why some fictional invisible fairytale character is going to give my soul great things in the after life because I gave you some money right now. But how the deity won’t let me give you the money until you accept the deity as your one and only deity. That is such bullshit. Start paying taxes like the rest of us, if you really want to talk about moral judgement. What makes you so high and mighty that you don’t have to contribute to the society you live in, and steal from and lie to and brainwash? Did god give that to you before or after he gave you morality?

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